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Our Workshops


Fridays  6:30-8:30pm (at our Lauderhill Mall location)

Saturdays 2-4pm (at our Yellow Green Farmer's Market location)


MATERIALS INCLUDED! Keep what you make.



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Gemstones 101 $10
-Learn the meanings of various crystals
-Learn how to set up a crystal grid
-Learn meditation techniques using crystals
-Learn how to incorporate Sun and Moon energy in your crystal use

Yoni Egg Workshop $20
-Learn how to use them for spiritual and physical benefits
-Learn the Do's and Don'ts
-Choose the perfect egg for you with instructions and tips. 



Vision Board Workshop $10
-Learn how to manifest change in your life
-Put together images into your own vision board for boosting personal inspiration, willpower and better circumstances. 


Wire Woven Pendant Workshop $10
-Learn the technique of wire weaving


Ankh-Life Workshop $10
-Learn the meaning of the ancient symbol: The Ankh
-Decorate your very own 12" Ankh using paint and your favorite crystals
-Your ankh will be able to hang on your wall once adorned with your own expressions of creativity


Meditation Mala Workshop $30
-Learn easier meditation techniques than simply trying to sit down and not think! 
-Choose the gemstones that represent your spiritual goals


Wire Woven Ring Workshop $10
-Learn the technique of wire weaving and form your own unique gemstone ring



Waist Beads Workshop $10
-Learn the history of waist beads and make your very own
-Choose the gemstones with meanings that resonate with your needs/goals
-Men, come and make one for your lady!



Gemstone Tree Workshop $20

-Learn how to make your own gemstone tree

-Learn which gemstones would be best for your home & goals



Full Zodiac Chart Mapping Workshop $20
-Learn exactly where your constellation is in the sky
-Learn why the position of the planets at your time of birth are significant
-Learn which gemstones bring out the better qualities of your sign and which ones tame the lower qualities of your sign

-Choose the gemstone best for you based on your personal planetary alignments



Copper link bracelets $10
-Learn how to make a gorgeous link bracelet using copper and gemstone beads



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Our Divine Gem Collector's Club

 Just a few of many crystals you'll receive also with with matching necklaces & printouts

Just a few of many crystals you'll receive also with with matching necklaces & printouts


This is a monthly membership for those who enjoy researching and collecting gemstones. We sell over 50 types of gemstones, most people are not able to purchase that many at once, plus it could be too much to learn at once, which is why we created our collector's club.

Every month you will receive 6 items:

2 gemstone necklaces

2 loose gemstones

2 print-outs of detailed information about the gemstones sent

Every month is a surprise and often we sneak in something extra.

Monthly membership is only $20 and $6 shipping

You can click here to join today